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Wake up in the morning and grab a GRIDL 2 GO Breakfast in Newquay

GRIDL 2 GO is a premium Cornish Breakfast Takeaway in Newquay, Cornwall.

Here at GRIDL 2 GO, we care about our customers and the food that we serve them which is why we go above and beyond to bring decent breakfast food to you guys. From the very best produce and ingredients, cooked with love to our eco-friendly packaging to do our bit. When you grab a GRIDL 2 GO, you are #SupportingLocal..

We are GRIDL 2 GO, The Cornish Breakfast Takeaway Company.

GRIDL 2 GO is the Premium Cornish Breakfast Takeaway Company that provides premium takeaway breakfast food in Newquay, Cornwall.

If your looking for cheap fried food, then GRIDL 2 GO is probably not for you. At the very heart of GRIDL 2 GO is a desire to provide the very best, premium Cornish breakfast food with an unbeatable freshness and quality. We ensure that our Breakfast Menu has minimal impact on the environment as well as supporting local and supporting the local Cornish economy.

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Available 12pm - Close

The GRIDL Breakfast Wrap comes with Bacon, Sausage, Egg, Portobello Mushroom, Slow Roasted Garlic Cherry Vine Tomatoes, topped with West Country Mature Cheddar and then steam baked in a flour tortilla wrap.

The GRIDL Brunch Wrap comes with a side of beans.

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Available 12pm - Close

The VeggiGRIDL Breakfast Wrap comes with Marinated Jerk Halloumi, Spinach Scrambled Egg, Slow Roasted Garlic Cherry Vine Tomatoes, Portobello Mushroom, Garlic Spinach & Cornish Potato Cake in a flour tortilla wrap..

The VeggiGRIDL Brunch Wrap comes with a side of Beans.

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What sets GRIDL 2 GO out from
other Breakfast places in Newquay?

When you purchase a GRIDL 2 GO breakfast in Newquay, you know that you are buying the best of Cornwall. We are different to other breakfast places in Newquay because we serve only premium products created from premium produce in eco-friendly packaging.. Well, we were the first anyway..

GRIDL 2 GO breakfast food is created using only the freshest produce. We have gone to great lengths to do this. Each and every GRIDL 2 GO we produce is prepared to order. This is to ensure maximum freshness and the highest quality food possible.

GRIDL 2 GO takes great care in cooking their food, which is why we do not own a fryer.

As well as using fresh Produce, GRIDL 2 GO have spared no expense in creating their Cornish Breakfast Food. We purchase only the best, premium stock


GRIDL 2 GO support other local businesses where possible and GRIDL 2 GO are also eco-friendly as all food comes presented in 100% plastic free, sustainable recyclable packaging.

GRIDL 2 GO have tried to go above and beyond to create a truly unique breakfast in Newquay and we hope you enjoy your experience with us.


63 Tower Road, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 1LX.

Phone: 07778 694680


Opening Hours:

Monday, CLOSED
Tuesday, CLOSED

Saturday, CLOSED
Sunday, CLOSED

Group Booking

Should you wish to order for larger groups (4+), we can cater for you but please give us a call first on
07778 694680 to discuss your requirements.

Breakfast Booking Line
07778 694680

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